Good people and bad things

I happen to know good people that are going through some stuff.  It always seems to me the universe is hardest on the ones I care about most.

Iroh says if you keep moving down the dark tunnel,  you will come to a better place.

I have never wished that for anybody more than right now.



I don’t know what I did to piss the hockey gods off so much… watching Quick is making me sick. 


Most Women are Super

So the overwhelming response from my FB friends was that women make the best super heroes.

This begs the question, why wasn’t star-fire, black canary, Jubilee, WW or Violet Incredible on the list?

The obvious reason may not be the correct one.  All super heroes pale in comparison to the ULTIMATE super hero.

She holds multiple Doctorates.  Love is not her first priority. She is for all intents… a God.

Jean Grey-Summers is my favorite Female Super Hero.

This compilation is kind of neat although there could be shots from the Cartoons and from the Dark Phoenix Anime…


I have met one or two women in the real world who, are on their way to realizing their potential too 🙂



It occurred to me this morning.

People I feel a desire to be closest too, or feel a level of cosmic understanding with, are those that demonstrate a desire to be heroes.

My friends are Super Heroes.  (some just budding)